The challenge of providing the best service to ships of non-scheduled stops, is faced with a management focused on their specific needs, where a cell formed by a specialized team in each unit is dedicated exclusively to this market.
The experience of several years of experience allows the customers to keep their PRESTOMAR owners and charterers constantly informed of all relevant aspects of the market as well as all the details of the operations of vessels treated.
All services are performed in accordance with performance indicators. Thus, it is possible to continuously improve the activities aimed at customer satisfaction

Manage human labor effectively. This is the goal of the Human Resources Department of PRESTOMAR. To improve work processes, to ensure customer satisfaction and respect values such as integrity, innovation and profitability. Develop potential, recognizing talent, encouraging and improving multifunctionality are just some of the aspects present in the routine policy of Human Resources PRESTOMAR

  • Customs Developed with the IRS
  • The Port and Maritime Court
  • Revenue
  • Federal Police and the Port Health
  • Maritime Management in general and service protection;
  • Aid in the acquisition and installation on board, the materials needed at the hospital ship;
  • Projects and Environmental Consulting

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